Schapel Consulting is a specialist Health and Safety and Human Resources Consultancy established to assist equine businesses in ensuring they meet their Health and Safety legal responsibilities.

Current Work safe regulations places the responsibility for safety on both employers and the self-employed. The current code of practice also seeks to protect anyone else who may be affected by work activity such as visitors and members of the general public. The responsibilities have been implemented to ensure that adequate provision is made for the health and safety in the equine workplace.

All businesses need to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Compromising on safety is not an option not only could it have disastrous consequences.  Cutting corners on safety increases the risks and will have a major effect on your business’s profitability and survival.

Schapel Consultancy has a team of dedicated, advisors, whom are themselves horse owners. The equine industry is complex and for that very reason we concentrate solely on offering a complete Health and Safety and Human Resources service to businesses, large and small, who share our passion.

So, whether you require an internal audit of your existing Health and Safety system or a complete Health and Safety Management System implementing, we would be pleased to provide this service. Furthermore, once we have fulfilled your requirements we provide ongoing 24/7 advice and guidance, ensuring that you will always be fully prepared for any eventuality, including any unannounced visits from Inspectors from the local authority and Health and Safety.

Our clients, rely on us to provide them with practical advice and guidance with the emphasis very much on providing solutions not problems.

Schapel Consultancy provides a range of Equine Health and Safety services including: –

Health and Safety Management Systems

Systems that work – We explain current legislation and the Workplace Health and Safety requirements affecting your business – from tourism and attraction rules to fire safety regulations – we design and build you the systems you should use to ensure compliance.

Health and Safety Inspections and Audits/ Reports

Practical audit and advice – We will conduct a preliminary Health and safety Audit of the workplace and issue a detailed report. We will then advise you on how to turn your site or situation into one which complies with current state regulations. Further audits will be conducted at six or twelve monthly intervals. It is recommended that Safety inspections of the site be conducted monthly. The Schapel Consulting emphasis is on simple, practical, pragmatic improvements, we know the equine world and understand your challenges.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures- are in most cases similar in content, however every business has a requirement for updated documentation. Your policies and procedures will be designed and implemented into your system as required as part of our ongoing maintenance to your system.

Risk Assessments, including Fire and Safety Method Statements

Risk Assessments that does the job – We supply you with simple Risk Assessment Forms, with completed examples, On-site training in your business environment to help you to carry out your own Risk Assessments.

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation – It is a Health and Safety requirement that all accidents need to be recorded minor or serious. We supply you with the training and all incident Forms, with completed examples, to help you to carry out your own Accident Investigations. If in doubt you can, contact us for assistance.

Health and Safety Training

On-site training in your business environment to help you to update your Safety System Software.

Ongoing System Maintenance

Ongoing 24/7 advice and guidance, ensuring that you will always be fully prepared for any eventuality.